Custom 32' McHugh Racing Cat

Interested is a custom cat made with the most advanced carbon fiber hull, rigged to your specifications? Call 231-823-8103 to setup a consultation on your project!

Specialized Marine Projects

From the smallest to largest marine projects, McHugh Racing has you covered! Call 231-823-8103 now to discuss your custom request now!

McHugh Composites

We specialize in more than just marine projects. From wind to military ventures, we have the expertise to fit your fabrication needs. Visit to learn more!

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McHugh Racing Cat Build

Learn more about our custom cat build... fully rigged, trailered and ready for the water.

Custom Marine Projects

Utilizing the top composite fabrication processes in the industry, we'reĀ able to fabricate the largest and smallest of projects.

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Have a marine project?

McHugh Racing is proud to offer a variety of marine fabrication solutions. Call now to ask about your next marine project!